Our company provides high-level maintenance and repair services for roof-top units. CMI utilizes some of the best processes and practices to maximum run-time efficiency and asset preservation of the capital investment on our clients’ roof. In addition to filter changes, belt replacement, and coil cleaning, we take critical measurements of sub-cooling, superheat, as well as other key pressures and temperatures to ensure the units are operating with their designed parameters. We also make appropriate corrections to the unit to maximize operating efficiency, thereby increasing efficiency of the unit and reducing energy and operating costs.

The value of our preventative maintenance program is founded on the idea that; equipment which is properly maintained draws less energy and is the single most important predictor of equipment longevity. We believe the only proven method of diagnosing air conditioning or refrigeration equipment is through the collection and analysis of a number of critical measurements of pressure and temperature. This includes analysis of suction pressure, liquid pressure, suction temperature, superheat and sub cooling.

We are confident that our approach to maintenance will not only extend the life of your HVAC equipment, but will also generate substantial energy savings by consistently maintaining your equipment at its optimal run-state. In fact, we have found that most of our new customers have been running their HVAC at 78% of its optimal operating efficiency, resulting in dramatically higher energy costs. The energy savings derived from our preventive maintenance program is especially important for customers with large, multi-site portfolios, where energy is a significant portion of their operating budget.